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But who am I fundraising for I hear you ask?! Read on for more information.

With 35 BEFORE 35, I’ll be fundraising for the following charities over the next 20 months/35 challenges:



I want to raise money for Leeds Mind as it’s so important to keep our mental health in check. It’s becoming much less of a taboo, but I feel that there is still a stigma attached with not ‘feeling okay’. I haven’t had crippling depression, but I have become much more anxious as I’ve gotten older. I worry incessantly about things that haven’t even happened yet (!) – which means I’m never just living in the moment and it completely drains me. I have moments of not feeling good enough and quite frankly, enough is enough!

I went to university in Leeds and I think I started to become more anxious throughout my time there. I went through periods of loneliness, however I have no idea how as Leeds has four universities which means there were thousands of other students, not including the general population around me! I may be generalising here, but if one student felt like this, I’m pretty sure other students will have felt the same at one point or another. If you think about the number of students who need support with their mental health on top of the general population of Leeds, it doesn’t take a mathematician to realise that means A LOT of support is needed with limited resources. So this is why I want to raise money particularly for Leeds Mind.

I want to increase awareness of mental health struggles and through documenting my challenges, I hope to inspire anyone (especially those who may be going through a difficult time), to try a new challenge in order to gain a new focus.

I’m by no means a mental health expert, but I truly believe that if you have a different focus, this will help improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. I’m not saying this will improve your mental health overnight, but it can act as a stepping stone into feeling better and learning how to cope. It has certainly helped me and will continue to help as I work through the many challenges that will be lined up over the next 20 months!

If you want to find out more about Leeds MIND, visit or find the on Facebook and Twitter



I have lived in Yorkshire for 15 years and now see it as my adopted home. I want to fundraise for Yorkshire Cancer Research as everyone is affected by cancer either directly or indirectly, myself included.

As a result, having researched Yorkshire Cancer Research I was shocked to read on their website that around 30,000 people in Yorkshire are told they have cancer every year, which is set to double by 2030. I also read that the rate of how many people will get cancer in Yorkshire is the third highest in the UK and the mortality rate is also higher in Yorkshire than anywhere else in the rest of the country!

Based on the stats above, I want to do everything I can to help contribute to making a difference and to help raise awareness of how important it is to continually raise funds. It’s vital to keep researching to help improve diagnosis’ and to keep looking into preventative medicine/cancer cures. To put it simply, I want to play my part in the fight to beat cancer sooner.

If you want to find out more about Yorkshire Cancer Research UK, visit  or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.