My most recent goal was to run a sub five-hour marathon at Brighton this year (April 2018). I couldn’t achieve this alone so I got a running coach and worked hard for seven long (and cold!) months. Race day came along and it wasn’t the best run as literally everything went wrong. HOWEVER, I still managed to achieve my goal!! I finished in 4:54:53. I would have been happy with 4:59:59! But once the runners high had gone, without a new focus or training plan in hand, I started to feel a bit lost.

A week later, I was watching the 2018 London Marathon and busy stalking, sorry tracking my cousin’s location around the route. I was so inspired by the runners and their individual stories that I wanted to make an impact and help people too. 35 BEFORE 35 was born!

I know there are a lot of 30 before 30 bucket lists etc. out there but that’s where 35 BEFORE 35 is different. I want to do something that really pushes my boundaries physically as well mentally. I have definitely neglected my mental health over my physical health recently and I can’t stress enough how important it is to check in with yourself on a regular basis. So in doing this and almost exposing the way my mind works with you all, I hope to inspire and help anyone out there who may be feeling a bit low or lost at the same time.

I was never one of the sporty kids at school. I enjoyed sport and was great (might I add) at GSCE PE theory. But I wasn’t the best technically. Even my teachers agreed, cringe! However, two things I did have (and still do!) are determination and commitment.

When I went to university, sport was replaced with partying and this lasted for about eight years! Next thing I know, I’m 25 and out of shape. So I decided to sign up for a half marathon on a whim with my friend, having never really run before. I mean, how hard could it be?! Err….

I still remember that first training session back in 2010 when I had to stop after the first couple of minutes. I was already struggling and I honestly didn’t know how I would be able to run half a mile, let alone 13.10 miles! Fast forward eight years and I’ve now completed:

  • Five official half marathons
  • Two 20-mile trail runs
  • Seven marathons
  • One 100km ultra marathon!

Not to mention a couple of 250-mile cross country-bike rides and a 10,000ft skydive for charity. I’ve also cycled/climbed 9,000ft up the Stelvio Passe mountain in Italy. This was a great achievement as I’d cycled where the pro cyclists have ridden before, albeit with less style, grace and okay, much slower!

If I can achieve the above from literally zero fitness, then absolutely anybody can!

It’s easy to say I’ve completed the challenges above, but A LOT of hard work, sweat, tears and sacrifice went into achieving them. So this is why I will be documenting my training and challenges this time around. This isn’t to put you off but to show that although it isn’t easy, especially on the days where I’m literally kicking and screaming out the door, it is worth it and I want to show that it can be fun too. So come and join me over on my social media channels or read my blog updates here!