Honolulu Marathon - 08.12.19

This challenge has been in the making for three years, before 35 Before 35 was even an idea!

Challenge number 31 will see my sister and I run the Honolulu Marathon in O’ahu on Sunday 8th December but this isn’t our first time attempting this particular race.

We first ran the Honolulu Marathon back in 2016. Unfortunately we were both unwell (and when I say unwell, I don’t just mean the sniffles, we were both really unwell) when we got to the start line so it probably wasn’t sensible to even start. Mistake number 1 perhaps?!

It was a great start to the marathon. It started at 5am with some fireworks. I was also coming back from a knee injury so we took it very steady. Everything was going well, until we literally hit the half marathon stage (13.1 miles in). I suddenly had a funny turn (which I also experienced again on the second day of my 127 canal run this August, which freaked me out as it brought back horrible memories of O’ahu 2016). I managed to walk the next eight miles, with my sister who was also ill, looking after me. It took longer and longer for me to walk and I couldn’t take on liquids or food (serious danger zone!!)

I was literally trying to walk from aid station to aid station, so when we saw an ambulance at 21 miles in, I got checked out and were told that our marathon was over!! The cause? A serious case of heat exhaustion. As a result, we got our first and only ever DNF. We were absolutely gutted and so ever since, we vowed that we would go back one day to get the race finished. We definitely have unfinished business!

We absolutely love it out there and after a lot of saving, we can’t wait to go back to Hawaii! But I am really apprehensive in case the same thing happens again. So although we’ll be taking part in a physical challenge, this one is definitely going be more of a mental challenge for us. Even though three years have passed, I keep re-playing the whole 2016 run in my head, especially at the half marathon point where it all started to go wrong so I’m really nervous! We won’t be running for a time. We just want to enjoy it and get to the finish line safely. It’s also going to probably be our last marathon (having already run around 20 marathons between us and two Ultras each) so we’re hoping for a great marathon send off!

Please send on positive vibes and wish us luck!!